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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting settled!

This poor child! He is over six months and he finally gets to sleep in a crib! In Moscow we did not trust Ambree with him in her room, nor did we have room to put up the crib. He stayed in his bassinet in our room until we moved. In Arizona he was in a pack and play (a little more room) and we all slept in the same room. Daddy repainted the crib and now he can enjoy it in his own room! (Mommy finally got to put on the cute bedding she has been saving!)
She found this scarf and called it her Cruella. So I found her a Cruella De Vil dress and look at this attitude!
He is so hilarious! He wants whatever I am eatting. He thinks he is a big kid. Sorry bud, only nillas for you, but he sure loves them.
I love fuzzy Jamas. The kids are so soft and squeezable in them. Ambree loves her brother. I love how they interact with each other now. They are really becoming great friends. Ambree has makes him laugh so hard.
How many times must I say, "We only draw on . . . " PAPER! not the walls, not yourself, not your brother, not the floor, not your toys, not the computer, etc.


Melissa said...

These pic's are so cool.
I'm glad he finally gets to sleep in his own place.

Stace said...

What great pics and I LOVE the crib!

The Lilya's: Nathan, Emily, Brennen. and Audrey said...

I wish I could say they grow out of it...the drawing I mean but a week doesnt go buy that I dont find some new grafiti. The house looks great, the children look happy in there new home, and you sound rested and at peace with your new life. Thanks for the fun pics.