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Friday, January 9, 2009

Finished Igloo

Ice ceiling
Crawling out. It took her a while to figure out she had to crawl into it.
Side view
I love how the igloo is an island in the grass
Inside ceiling
Peeking out the window
The front
Jayson worked so hard on Ambree's little igloo, I wish it could have stayed around a little longer. The only snow left in our yard is a small circle where the igloo was. I guess we are not in Moscow anymore! That is why I had to document with so many pictures.


LindseySara said...

Oh my goodness! What a cool dad. That is the coolest igloo I have ever seen. Jayson are you an eskimo? I want one. Oh well he and Zane will have to make one when we live there. Love you lots.

sportyrls said...

What a fun igloo! I'm sure Ambree (and Jayson) loved playing in it. That's too bad it didn't last very long, though : (. I love the picture of Ambree looking at the ceiling- it looks like yummy marshmallows : )!

Weber Family said...

Impressive! Brad made one too and it takes a lONG time! A lot longer than Riley cared for ;) Looks great!

Melissa said...

That is awesome man.
Masaru really wants to make a snowman. I told him I've never made one before and I don't know how.
So Dru said he'd help.
The problem is there's no snow here anymore. So I hope there's a little more so Masaru gets his chance.