Nine years later and four beautiful children. Life never seems to slows down. I have two jobs; working as a Labor and Delivery nurse and a mom.
"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family." ---President Monson

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Wake up! It's Easter! We woke up early to take Daddy to work.
Time to get ready for Church!
Adorable little friends.
"I am a Dapper Dan Man, gosh dang it"
We were on time to church, despite Mommy getting both kids ready, herself, and taking a few shots before church.
We are tired, cranky, and hungry from three hours of Church. Can we have our naps now?
I just thought they were so cute in their outfits and Ambree's hair was not going to last through a nap that I had to snap a few more.
What a gorgeous Easter Day! We could not have asked for better weather to remember the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our hearts are full of love and joy for the beautiful gift that Jesus gave to us. We are grateful that we can live together forever through him. We strive to stand by Jesus at all times and in all places.
Dinner Time! My first Easter dinner made entirely by myself.
He was a good little scavenger, but he was sticking entire eggs in his mouth.
It only took me like 3 hours to find a top that would match their outfits!
Ambree found the Gold egg and Revery found the Silver egg.
What a great day, lets end with a little dessert.


Melissa said...

Looks wonderful.
You all look wonderful.
It was my first time doing dinner as well.

sportyrls said...

What a beautiful Easter! Beautiful family, beautiful dinner, beautiful weather, beautiful message. I especially love your coordinating outfits- and the curler tradition- how fun!

Giselle said...

You all look so adorable!

The Lilya's: Nathan, Emily, Brennen. and Audrey said...

Ah...everyone looks great, but where the heck is at least one picture of my brother! Did he match Rev? We did an egg hunt too but I totally forgot to do the gold and silver eggs. I've got to have you help me rember these important things!

Melissa said...

What a fun Easter, your kids are adorable! I also had to leave a comment because we're looking for housing in Boise/Meridian right now. It'll be fun to know a few people when we move there. Where do you guys live? and how do you like it? You can drop me an e-mail at if you have time!


Stace said...

What beautiful Easter babies (and mommy, too!). It was fun to see you guys today - thanks for the invite!

Weber Family said...

You out did yourself!! Holy Cow. What a fun easter. Dinner looked awesome, the kids are ADORABLE, fun easter baskets and you look HOT Brit! ;)