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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Spirit of Adventure

This is the first movie we have been to in a year! We went a couple of weeks ago and we all LOVED it. Has there been a Pixar film that we didn't? Ambree sat through the entire movie . . . glued and Buddy did very well. We would not have imagined taking Ambree at that age. He kept pulling my face to his and staring into my eyes, that kept him entertained most of the time. He also loved the music as did I. The score by Michael Giacchino is brillant and fits the movie perfectly. I was humming the music for days and I need the soundtrack. Both Jayson and I cried in several spots, has there been a Pixar film that we haven't? It is truly a sweet story about love for adventures and our adventures in love!

If you have not taken your kids yet, please do, or just go with your sweetie.

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Melissa said...

Masaru really wants to see it and we just don't have the cash at the moment.
We can't wait till it comes out on DVD and can get it from redbox.