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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Don't Even Have Cable

Lately Ambree's imagination has gone wild. She has always had a wonderful imagination, but this week I was totally impressed!

It was bed time and Ambree turned into dead weight at the bottom of the stairs, so I told Jayson to pick up this "Doll" because she is so heavy. She immediately started playing the part. With staring eyes she was completely boneless and floppy as he picked her up. He propped her up on her bed, but would fall back if bumped. I managed to dress the doll in her PJs, but none of her buttons were working. I couldn't figure out what the doll did. She whispered that the doll need new batteries. So I quickly replaced the batteries. I finished the bed time routine and amazingly she kept the act up the entire time staring at me with these freaky doll eyes. Then the doll kept falling out of bed, because it "wanted to sleep in my bed." She also said that if the doll slept in my bed it would have these eyes (showing me not so scary, happy eyes), instead of the freaky staring eyes.

The next day she wheeled herself into our bedroom in her doll stroller for FHE. "I am pretending my stroller is a wheelchair." How does she know what a wheelchair is we asked ourselves? She stayed in the wheelchair the entire time. At one point the wheelchair tipped over and she was crawling on the floor with only her hands exclaiming, "I can't walk, I can't walk." I told Jayson to put the cripple back into her chair so she would stop fussing.

I wish I could blame this on television, but we don't even have cable. Never a dull moment! Thanks for the entertainment, as always Ambree Girl!


Melissa said...

That's awesome.

K8 said...

lol that really is awesome.
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Jilene said...

that's funny. and patience on your part. i think i would have given up sooner than that! i'm no fun....

BreAnn said...

lol! no really, i actually DID laugh out loud!

Rachel K said...

I laughed out loud too. HA! You're such a creative, fun, mom!