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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Want Today, I Want Tomorrow!

Saturday I took the kids to a store to look for shoes for Revery. Ambree was not acting her best prior to this stop, not listening to my first instincts I preceded with this stop against my better judgment. She did okay at first because there were toys to play with and a little girl her age. I was able to browse and try a few shoes on Rev.

Once that little girl left, Ambree started bringing items up to me, “this would be great." I suggested she continue playing because I was almost done looking. She brought more items how about this for Rev? “This is cute.” I would quickly put the items back and go back to Revery. Finally, I was done! I was trying to get Rev's original shoes on so we could leave, when she spotted a pink bag and asked if she could have it. I explained that we were there to look at shoes for Revery and that she could earn money (current good behavior incentive program) to buy it later. She said, “no” that I should just buy it now. When I told her again that I was not going to purchase the bag she made a mad dash out the door. The whole time the sales lady and an older women customer are watching the scene unfold. Grabbing Rev, I chased after her, returned the pink bag to its rightful spot, and then escorted her to the car as she is calling me an old lady.

I put both kids in the car and climbed in the back to be face to face with her. I had a long discussion about what she just did was stealing. Stealing is wrong. Jesus doesn’t want us to steal, etc. Mommy doesn’t want to take her to do fun things or the store when she acts this way. (Mommy rarely takes her out, so that is probably part of the problem and my fault. I think she needs to get out more, then she could learn what behavior is expected). You now, a good 10 minute lecture. Now she is sobbing. “I am so sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Ready to go home, I realize that the back doors are child locked, so I have to climb over the console to the drivers seat, where I notice my shirt ribbon is stuck in my coat zipper (which I had to cut to get my coat off). With a day like this I am wondering what else could go wrong?

As we are almost home I hear this from the back:

Ambree: “I am sorry Rev, I can’t make a decision.

Me: What Ambree?

Ambree: I am not talking to you I am talking to Revery.

Me: Oh.

Ambree: I can’t make a decision right now. Do you know what a decision is? (Waiting for his reply)

Ambree: A decision is when you are happy or smiling, but I can’t do those things right now.

Ambree: I wish I could be happy, but I am not, see? I have these tears.

I could not help but chuckle. I love the way she talks to Revery as if he is going to respond. He is her best friend and confidante. And they are my treasures. When I have these moments of extreme motherhood and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, I try to just step back and laugh.

A messy meatball dinner and a Revery blow-out later, I told Jayson I would prepare his Primary lesson if he would put Ambree to bed.


Melissa said...

Some days it's nice to go to bed and know there'll be a new tomorrow.

Jaina said...

I love the conversation Ambree and Rev had. So cute!! I hope you don't have another day like that!

K8 said...

did I tell you how to upload large photos? you have to use a web hosting spot like photobucket. did you mean to put photos on this post?