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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Card


Rank: Director

Intimidating feature: Talks your ear off by saying nothing at all.

Favorite Item: His wife’s saloon girl get-up.

Special Ability: Engages 6year olds in weekly Sunday school lessons and enforces excellent behavior.

Hobbie: Falls asleep while putting the kids to bed.

Theme Song: New Divide—Linkin Park


Rank: “The Mother”

Intimidating feature: Inappropriate laughter coupled with sarcasm from latest House episodes.

Favorite Item: Tempurpedic mattress and Dyson.

Special Ability: Can run 5ks with a bun in the oven.

Hobbie: Coordinates 150 primary kids as 1st counselor.

Theme Song: I Gotta Feeling--Black Eyed Peas.


37lbs 39inches

Intimidating feature: Calls people outlandish names like “you big chair” or “you old man.”

Favorite Item: Hobbyhorse and jump rope.

Special Ability: Magically changes into imaginary, farm, and domestic animals at the drop of a hat.

Hobbie: Navigates the computer like a Mac Genius.

Theme Song: Special Agent OSO, and Hello Seattle--Owl City


23.5lbs 33inches

Intimidating feature: Growls or pretends he is a monster or dinosaur.

Favorite Item: White blankie and Funshine Carebear.

Special Ability: Melts your heart like butter. He is a cuddle bug!

Hobbie: Does Summersaults off the couch or his jungle toys. Copies everything his sister does.

Theme Song: Australia by the Shins and All Is Love—Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack


Rachel K said...

This was cute. And I liked it.

Melissa said...

Love it man, love it.
Great pic. at the top too.