Nine years later and four beautiful children. Life never seems to slows down. I have two jobs; working as a Labor and Delivery nurse and a mom.
"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family." ---President Monson

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Dinosaur Party

Revery turns 2!
Jayson made Revery volcano dinosaur cake, complete with liquid hot magma eruption!
We had a great little BBQ before with family
Ambree was so cute, when she saw me putting out the presents she ran upstairs, found some random toys and wrapped them all by herself to give to him.
He has been using the potty for several months now, so I thought we better get him some big boy pants and get serious!
We saved the best for last. Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Zane gave him this remote control dinosaur. He loved it, unless it was coming after him, then he freaked out. I can't blame him, it looks pretty real.


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to a sweet 2 year old.

Rachel K said...

Love it!

Weber Family said...

So Cute!! Happy B-day!