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Friday, April 8, 2011

Fairy Dust

March 5

I made her headband, slippers, and decorated her wings. Jayson made her tutu and wings.

Cute Brooklyn and Breana to the right.

Little miss Madison behind Ambree. Papa was the official Lemonade re-filler!Pink Lemonade, strawberries, lollypops, cake balls, and the popcorn was a huge hit (Ambree's favorite).

My mother-in-law called me the "Matron" fairy. Jayson also made my wings and tutu.

One of the games was catching little butterflies and fairies with butterfly nets.

We did a stamp/make up station with fairy glitter. Several girls came up to me after they already had some and said, "I want mine like Alessandra's." Apparently their eyeshadow was not dark enough for them, Alessandra's was much more noticeable.

All the beautiful fairies!

Toadstool Cake by the Cake Boss, Jayson.

Musical flowers. My husband is very comfortable with his masculinity.

Fairy boot camp . . . by Jayson. He had an obstacle course for the fairies.

Fairy dancing.

Dancing with Maddie and Alessandra.

The Fairy Godmother was a big hit. She spoke in an English accent the whole time, such an entertainer! Can you spot Peter Pan (aka: Revery)?


Kate said...

brittanie! you are amazing! her party looked like so much fun!

Michelle said...

So darling and magical! I am in awe of your talents (both you and your hubby!!). Too funny about Alessandra's eye shadow! :)

Kelsee said...

That is a GREAT party!!!!! SO cute! I can't even handle the amount of cuteness! Nice job on the cake Jayson! So cute!!!!