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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Family is of God

Jayson and I were called to teach CTR 6 two weeks ago. We were both very overwhelmed to receive this calling especially with our young children. After one week, I realized how important this calling is to us and to the children. This is such an impressionable age when learning these basic principles is so important. I am excited to teach for as I watch through their eyes the gospel principles understood, I too am reminded when I first heard these truths. Then the joy of the gospel has revisited me. The preparation and sacrifice is worth it all.

One of the songs we are learning for the program this year is The Family is of God; it is a new song so if you are not in the primary you probably have not heard it. It is so cute and I have had it stuck in my head for the last two weeks. The link below is to the church site that has all the primary program songs for 2009. Our primary made CDs with all the songs so the children could listen to them in the car. I thought that was a great idea.,17884,8218-1,00.html


Melissa said...

Thanks man. I'm the music teacher for primary and it's nice to know what I should be focusing on.

Stace said...

We are teaching CTR6 too! Our primary is HUGE and we have two of every class (16 CTR6s total, we have 8). It is much different than our student wards! We love it though and love our calling. What a blessing.

Weber Family said...

That is my calling and I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to have as happy attitude about it as you... your post has inspired me! I have 8 kids that are CRAZY!!! I feel like I say "Shh..." "Be reverent" "Keep your hands to your self" for 2 full hours! ;) I'm going to try to have a better attitude, like you! ;)
OKAY I LOVE that song too... Riley sings it all the time around the house and it makes me so happy!

Brittanie said...

We have 10 kids in our class. I thought that was a big class and then I wondered how kindergarten teachers handle 20-25 5 year olds for half the day or some for a full day of school.

sportyrls said...

What an exciting new calling! I've never been in the primary (knock on wood) : ).
Thank you for sharing 'The Family is of God' - I hadn't heard it before! How do I make one of those cds?

sportyrls said...

Okay, thank you so much for the link again! I realize it's the same one on your post and I had even checked it out, but for some reason I didn't see the part about how to download songs the first time : ). I'm not much of a music downloader, obviously. But, now I have my own cd and it was so easy! I included both the music and voices and then just the instrumentals too so we can practice by ourselves : ). Thanks for the great idea!